"Enjoy life, there's plenty of time to be dead."

Zainie Katler is a student attending Sweet Amoris High School, who transferred there in the middle of freshman year. Quite short for her age, she's known to be very talkative and just a bit annoying. She spends most of her time telling jokes with her friends and sleeping in class.

About Edit

History Edit

Zainie's parents found out they were pregnant with her while on a trip in Jamaica. They flew back to America in hopes to get an abortion, but it was too late. Zainie's mother was too far along to get an abortion.

As a child, her parents would frequently go on trips around the world, leaving Zainie with her grandmother.

As her 15th birthday was approaching, Zainie was worried that her parents would miss yet another birthday while traveling the world. Although, they had promised that they would make it home in time to celebrate together.

When her birthday rolled around with no parents in sight Zainie was disappointed yet again.

A month after her birthday had passed her grandmother got a phone call from her parents. As it turns out, they had gone on a 4 year traveling excursion. With this news, Zainie's grandmother said that she was getting too old to care for the both of them. And with that, Zainie moved out into her own apartment, now going to Sweet Amoris.

During her senior Prom, Zainie disappears halfway through the party, leaving her friends to wonder where she went. After searching for half the night, they find her in her apartment.

She had slit her wrists in the bathtub. Staining her light blue dress a dark purple and red.

Personality Edit

Zainie disregards the feeling of herself and cares more for the people around her. Wanting all her friends and everyone around her to be happy. She is constanly talking, telling jokes and playing pranks, in hopes of making people smile. This habit of hers sometimes causes people to get fairly annoyed with her.

Zainie never tells anyone about her past or her parents. Keeping it all to herself, since she would think telling it to someone would be a burden to them.