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Yumi Yukimori is the new girl attending Sweet Amoris, having moved with her eldest brother into the city. She has a very intimidating glare and can come off a bit rude to those who don't know her. Those who manage to get close to the want-to-be princess find out that she is actually a sweet and sensitive young girl only trying to protect herself from getting hurt.

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Yumi's childhood wasn't a terrible one. She had a loving family, for the most part, who took care of her, save for her mother. The way that her mother treated Yumi growing up, not feeding them, leaving them home alone at a young age, etc., left a big impression on the girl. It led her to vie for her mother's love which was never returned as her mother never wanted she or her twin brother in the first place.

Despite her mother's harshness towards the girl, she still remained a ray of sunshine as a young child, until her mother eventually left their family while she was around seven years old. Her sudden absence hurt Yumi, and as almost any young child would believe, she instilled it in her mind that she was at fault for the woman's sudden disappearance. And to be quite honest, she was right.

After the divorce between her father and mother, Yumi's pure and carefree nature began to become tainted as she withdrew herself from the outside world. She cried often and at the smallest things, and became afraid of

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