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Yue is of average height, with a slender body, a noticeable long neck and olive skin. She has light brown eyes and loosely waved mahogany hair.

She usually wears oversized boy shirts and hoodies with skinny jeans, but loves to dress up as an elegant Lolita once in a while.

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Always eager to make new friends and a heavy crusher, Yue is well capable of valueing the ones who'll stand by her side no matter what. She is not the type to live in the moment, and definetly not in the past, rather she loves dreaming about the future as far as to when she'll be long since retired.

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  • She is of Turkish ancestry
  • Her surname is composed of the elements can (spirit, life, or heart) and demir (iron)
  • She is an only child, but wishes she had had a sister
  • Her favourite subject in school is History
  • She is allergic to animal fur in general, but with cats it is the worst
  • Her hobbies include singing, dancing and baking pastries
  • She doesn't eat pork
  • Her wish is to become an idol one day
  • Her favourite flower is the peony
  • She thinks freckles and moles are adorable, so are glasses