Sweet Amoris Baseball Team: Edit


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Fulfilled positions: Edit

Boris: Coach

On field positions: Edit

17 teammates

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Captain River Stewart and Catcher Naomi Green during halftime in their official uniforms. Drawn by wandering-sucrette of tumblr.

River Stewart: Captain/Pitcher/Center Field
Naomi Green: Catcher/Pitcher
Luce Lovelace: Short Stop/Third Base
Mika Doyle: Second Base/Pitcher
Ruby Casteel: Catcher/Third Base
Liana Maddox: First Base/Designated Hitter
Danielle Ashton: Third Base/Short Stop
Annabeth Jackson: Left Field/First Base
Penny (Poyo) Bacon: Right Field/Second Base
Leo Carrion: Left Field/Second Base
Kayla Troisi: Third Base/Catcher
Kaorieh Peterson: Batter/Right Field
Dark(lyn) Magic: Center Field
Chi Deville: Short Stop/Left Field
Amour sucre designs color boris by xiannustudio-d6garsw

Coach Boris.

Nautia Brosca: First base/Right Field
Autumn Ellington: Center Field/Short Stop
Mimi Aiko: Center Field

Off field positions: Edit

7 Off Fielders

Aleksandra Blue: Team Manager
Luna Stellato: Water Girl
Sasha Abbot: Mascot (back up: Luna Stellato/Starlenne Adams)
April Wilson, Yue Candemir: Bench Warmer(will both play Center) (back up: Sasha Abbot)
Delasa (AKA Dels) Moraine: Official Fan Club President