Starlenne Adams is a student at Sweet Amoris High School. She's a short, stubborn, sarcastic girl, that earned her first detention after being there for only two days. She made her first friend, Castiel, in detention after she shoved Amber down in the hallway and gave her a bloody nose. Slowly, other students began to introduce themselves, and close friends not only learned about the rebellious girl's past, but they learned that past all the sarcasm and stubbornness, there was a girl with a big, loving heart.



Starlenne is currently being raised by her older cousin Dominic, who adopted after she was taken away from her parents when she was four years old due to mistreatment and abuse. Dominic provides well for her, using the money he earns from his dance crew Dancers from the Sea. Starlenne attended a local public school, often taking very long "vacations" to tour around with Dominic and his dance crew. 

At the age of thirteen, Starlenne met a boy named Tyler. Soon, according to Starlenne's friends and everyone at school, they were the cutest couple ever. They did everything together and didn't once stray from each other's sides. Dominic actually considered letting Tyler rent a room, considering he was with Starlenne constantly.

However, that all changed on Starlenne's fifteenth birthday. She and Tyler got into a big argument about something stupid, and without thinking, Tyler slapped her. Their relationship soon started to grow on violence, fear, and horrible things of that sort. Dominic found out about Starlenne's abusive relationship with Tyler after she came home with a black eye on her sixteenth birthday. He made sure Tyler was beaten half to death and put into jail.

Starlenne was taken out of public school, and Dominic made her a member of the Dancers from the Sea. Starlenne was distant for about a month before she decided to change herself for the better, knowing that dwelling on the past will only make things worse. The first thing she did was change her name from her biological name, Anabeth, to a name she created herself, Starlenne. She then had her small, black afro straightened out and dyed white. She bought long extensions and dyed those white as well, and dyed the tips a light blue.

Starlenne began cross fit and working out at the gym around four times a week, and soon she started building up muscle.

As Starlenne traveled around with Dancers from the Sea, she performed at many bars and clubs, leading to making-out in the VIP Room and one-night stands in dirty motels. Starlenne usually left first, as she wasn't interested in a long-term relationship. A few months after Starlenne turned seventeen, Dominic gave her news that Dancers from the Sea was taking a break, and that the tutor he hired to give Starlenne her education had retired, so he had no choice but to enroll her to a local public school called Sweet Amoris High School for the next few years until she graduated.

School LifeEdit

The first day Starlenne went to school, she sat outside in the courtyard, not speaking to anyone. The next day, the principal told her she had to come inside and attend class. She still didn't speak to anyone, except for when she was walking through the hallway and Amber, Charlotte, and Li approached her and began throwing insults. Without hesitation, Starlenne punched Amber in the nose and shoved her to the ground, shoved Li's lipstick into Li's mouth, and growled at Charlotte, who screamed and ran away.

Starlenne was given detention for a week, which she didn't mind. Later that day, she met Castiel, who was attending detention with her. He admitted he was impressed with her rebelliousness and stubbornness, and offered to give her a tour of the school while their supervising teacher slept. Starlenne and Castiel sat and chatted on the school's rooftop until they were done serving their detention, and they exchanged phone numbers before parting ways.

The next few days, Castiel encouraged his friends to introduce themselves to Starlenne. Iris went first, then Kim, Violette, Melody, and Cappucine following reluctantly behind. Starlenne met Rosalya after finding a ring in the grass, and asking her who she should propose to. Rosalya explained the ring was hers, and Starlenne apologized and gave the ring back. They became good friends afterwards.

The final night Starlenne was serving detention, alone, Castiel came into the classroom while the supervising teacher was taking a very long smoke break. Castiel introduced his best friend Lysander to Starlenne, and the two instantly bonded. That weekend, they met in the park and talked about their love of poetry and singing. Starlenne didn't sing much, but she sure did have a voice. Soon, the two got together as a couple.

Starlenne gets along well with most people at school, except for Amber, Li, Charlotte, Cappucine, and Nathaniel.


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Starlenne is a girl with cinnamon-colored skin with a height of 5'3". She has beautiful, light blue eyes and freckles scattered across her cheeks and nose. She has short, white hair, but she normally wears long white extensions with the tips dyed blue. She preferably wears her hair in curls, but sometimes she wears her hair in a messy bun on lazy days. She has a large, white angel wing tattoo on her back and a tattoo sleeve of little white stars on her right arm. She has an eyebrow piercing and three piercings in each ear. She also has a green belly button ring.

Starlenne is usually seen wearing anything, as long as it goes with her black combat boots. The only time she doesn't wear her boots is when dancing, working out, and on lazy days. She can be seen wearing hoodies, flannels, crop tops, and any kind of leggings, but she's usually wearing them in black. On lazy days, she wears a tight t-shirt, sweatpants she dances in, and a pair of high-tops that match.



Dominic is Starlenne's older cousin, being thirteen years older than her. He adopted Starlenne at the age of four after her parents mistreated her. He's a member, along with Starlenne, in the hip-hop/b-boying crew Dancers from the Sea. Dominic cares about Starlenne a lot and keeps a close eye on Lysander when he's with his baby cousin.


Tyler is Starlenne's ex-boyfriend, who is currently in jail for abuse and rape. Starlenne and Tyler dated from the ages thirteen to the age of sixteen. Before Tyler was sent to jail, he spent months in the hospital after being beaten half to death by Dominic and a few members from his and Starlenne's dance crew.


Starlenne and Ken were friends at her old public school after bonding over their shyness towards people. He looked after Starlenne while she was going through her relationship with Tyler, but couldn't do anything as Tyler not only threatened to kill Starlenne and her family, but he threatened to kill Ken and his family if he told anyone. He kept contact with Starlenne after she moved away, and once he got the news she was going to a public school a state away, he had his family move there so he could be with his old best friend. He kept little contact with Starlenne during military school, and when he came back as Kentin, the two became running buddies and nothing more. He'd go to the gym with Starlenne, but she freaks him out considering how much weight she can lift. 


Starlenne and Lucy were friends with Ken back at her old public school, and actually, she's the one that began informing teachers at school about the stuff going on with Tyler. She kept contact with Starlenne but lost it when Starlenne began going back to public school. Lucy learned, however, where Starlenne was after seeing posters scattered around her city about a talent show going on, and how the dance crew Dancers from the Sea was going to be performing there. Lucy and Starlenne kept in touch after that.


Castiel was Starlenne's first friend at Sweet Amoris. He became friends with the strange girl after admitting he admired her bravery and rebelliousness, as well as her stubbornness she showed the first day there with the principal about going to class. The two became best friends and created a pact that if anyone messed with the other person, they'd beat them up. Castiel had a small crush on Starlenne but pushed it aside after seeing how happy her and Lysander were together. Castiel is the only one given the rights to make fun of Starlenne for her short height. He's also one of the few friends of Starlenne's that know about her past. He still has feelings for her, but like I said, he pushes them aside because Star and Lysander are dating. Doesn't mean they disappeared though.


Lysander became friends with Starlenne on her last day of detention, and the following weekend the two met up at the park to talk about poetry and their love for singing. They exchanged phone numbers and texted each other daily, keeping each other informed of certain things and sharing interesting things they found in a book or on the internet. Starlenne sang for Lysander once, and his love for her blossomed. One night, he asked if she'd go to dinner with him, and he asked her to be his girlfriend. She agreed. The two don't make any moves towards each other unless the other fully consents to it. Dominic and Lysander also have a friendly relationship, and Lysander promised he'd never even think about doing what Tyler ever did to Starlenne. Lysander was the only person given rights to call her "love" and "dear".


Starlenne and Rosalya became friends after Starlenne made a joke about a ring she found on the ground, only to find out that it belonged to the girl she was making a joke to. Rosalya commented on Starlenne's unique sense of fashion, and the two bonded instantly. They go out at least every weekend and either shop, eat, or see a movie, and sometimes all three. She's one of the few people that know about Starlenne's past with Tyler. She goes on frequent double dates with Starlenne and Lysander, accompanied by Leigh.


Starlenne and Alexy became friends instantly, following the same course Rosalya and Starlenne took. He accompanies the two girls every weekend, sometimes dragging Armin along for the fun of it. He's the only other friend that knows about Starlenne's past, and when Starlenne has depressed days thinking back on it, he arrives at her large house she shares with Dominic with bags of clothes, food, and movies.


Starlenne and Violette are good friends, sharing a love of art. Starlenne isn't a good artist, but she loves other people's art. Starlenne tends to be Violette's personal critic, which Violette is extremely grateful for.

Other CandiesEdit

(I put these Candies down because I'm friends with their creators. Some haven't actually met yet, but ya know, I like other Candies so I put them down. Hope that makes sense XD)Edit

Leo Edit

Starlenne was finally happy to meet someone shorter than her, even though it's only by an inch. Starlenne loves Leo like a little sister and makes sure no one tries to hurt her or try anything stupid. If someone does, they end up in the nurses office with multiple broken bones while Starlenne either ends up with a long week of detentions or a short suspension.

'Melodiah' (Noelle)Edit

Starlenne called Noelle Melo for short, and also because it's easier to remember. Melo called her Star for short, almost for the exact same reasons. The two often hang out, mostly because their boyfriends do, as Starlenne is dating Lysander and Melo is dating Castiel. Starlenne makes sure Melo is happy, and if she isn't, she works hard to try to turn that beautiful smile back around.


Starlenne has the biggest friend crush on Coco but refuses to admit it. She easily gets frustrated at the tall girl, as Coco treats her like a child, but honestly, who doesn't? Starlenne would like to start hanging out with Coco more often, as they both b-boy, but Coco usually seems distant with Starlenne. She has yet to find out why. She loves Coco either way.


Sasha and Starlenne are pot-buddies. After a long week, all Starlenne has to do it hit a button on her phone and Sasha would be over in two minutes flat with a bunch of weed and alcohol. Starlenne isn't an addict to either smoking or alcohol, but she does it every now and then. The two girls often end up telling each other life stories, and laughing at random things and doing ridiculous acts.


Starlenne looks up to River (literally) and admires her love for baseball. Starlenne tries to attend every baseball game River has, but can often only go to half of the games due to either a date with Lysander, dance practice, or a dance performance. If you left these two alone in a forest together with a very apparent forest trail leading back, they'd end up going the opposite direction and getting lost. 

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  • Starlenne has no sense of direction, something she shares in common with River. There's an exception made for when dancing.
  • Starlenne eats a small breakfast, sometimes no breakfast. Usually, it's a piece of toast. Sometimes she forgets butter or forgets she even made the toast and leaves it on the table for Dominic on accident. He never eats it.
  • Starlenne has two well-trained dogs; a German-Shepherd named Lyxy, and a Samoyed named Cloud. They accompany her on her runs and run with her in perfect rhythm.
  • Amber is terrified of Starlenne but continues to throw insults at her. This usually ends up with Amber's clique running away screaming as Starlenne wrestles the stuck-up girl to the ground.
  • Starlenne has had many, many detentions. She doesn't go a month without at least three. How she hasn't been expelled yet, I don't know.
  • Starlenne loves birbs.
  • Starlenne has a crush on Priya. Hard-core crush, I mean. Lysander laughs about it, but due to his jealousy, when he sees Priya walking down the hallway he steers Starlenne into a nearby closet or classroom. Whatever is near.
  • Starlenne is claustrophobic. She once had to shoot a video with her dance crew in a crowded elevator, and within an hour she was screaming to be let out. Dominic hasn't let her live it down just yet.
  • She's very dominant in her relationships; she likes to be in charge.
  • She doesn't smoke or do any type of drugs often, but when she does, it's with Sasha and she wakes up with crude drawings all over her
  • I have an AU where Starlenne and her genderbent self, Sunny, are siblings, and they're called the Terrorizing Two. I'm not kidding.
  • She constantly has to ask people to get her thigns off of shelves; even though she's very capable of jumping right onto a counter to get something.
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