Puku is just a girl who adores Ken and Ducks.

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Puku is a girl with dark ash brown hair with hazel green eyes. She is usually seen wearing a purple/blue-violet dress, duck slippers, and accessories. She has dog ears and a tail that match her hair color. She is a Beagle-angel mix. She also has a yellow star on her cheek and a lip mole.


Puku on My Candy Love

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Puku is a really simple person.

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Puku and Ken have been friends since childhood. She's had feelings for him for a long time as well.

She isn't always sure about his transformation into Kentin, he diverts from his old self more everyday. Their interests differ more now as well, but she tries to cope because she loves him. Puku isn't really all that into sports and fitness like he is now, but she tries for him. (Author Note: I like to think of Ken as if he never left the school and focus on that the most.)

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Iris is one of Puku's close friends and is part of Puku's quad circle along with Ken and Rocky. Puku always tries to help Rocky win over Iris' affection.

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Rocky is Puku's best friend! (Author Note: Due to the fact that Puku is based on the real-life me, Rocky has also taken on the role of Puku's girlfriend in some scenarios.)

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  • Puku wears contacts, she used to wear large pink glasses.