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Peridot Leroy or more comfortably known as Peri is a student attending Sweet Amoris. Very notorious for flirting with anyone she finds interesting and can easily make friends or enemies by it.

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Peridot is the big sister type. Very overprotective of her friends, often giving them advice and putting them before her. Always keeps a smile on her face and will befriend anyone she wants to know. Although she does know her boundaries and will throw away any moral she has just to put a bully in their place.

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Peridot was the child of a mistress. She grew up in a home without a father and an emotionally distant and depressed mother. Her Aunt Marianne was the one who raised Peridot and often checked on her sister. Due to her mother's depression, she was abusive towards her daughter. There were times when she would beat Peridot but it always ended with her crying and apologizing to her daughter.

At school, Peridot didn't have many friends and had a very emotionless expression and monotone voice. She had many bullies due to not having a father in her life and how her mother never showed her any love.

At the age of 10, her mother committed suicide. Peridot was taken in by her aunt but now lives independently. Her mother's death made her fear love and so she happily flirts and dates people at her own pace but refuses to get anymore attached than that.

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Peridot has a peach colored skin with an average height of 5'7" though often likes to wear heels or boots to make her appear taller. She prefers to cover up her body as she has many scars that she doesn't like showing to others.
Peridot (1)

Peridot's sprite made using the Candy Editor

A very tomboy like style and she is almost never shown without her vintage camera. She also cannot see herself without her favorite star clip. Enjoys wearing sweaters and jackets no matter the weather. The two most notable colors she wears are black and green. She also has an anklet tattoo that she often tries to hide.

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One of Peridot's exes. Their relationship started off very sweet and loving until Alicia became jealous of Peridot's friends. She would play the nice girl act in front of Peridot but when she wasn't around, she'd threaten her friends or more specifically Lucy and Kentin since they were the closest to Peridot. Eventually, Peridot found out about what Alicia was doing to her friends behind her back and broke up with her. Alicia continues to stalk Peridot and is in denial about her whole break up. She's very determined to have Peridot to herself.

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  • She naturally has green eyes