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Nathaniel Edit

Nathaniel Is one of the dateable characters in mycandylove. He's a Caring Student Body President. He adores cats and feeds them after school. He is also the main antagonist's, Amber, twin brother.

About Edit

Nathaniel is one of the students attending Sweet Amoris High. He is Sweet Amoris's Student Body president. He is also the rival of Castiel. He's legally independent after episode 23, when it is revealed his father abuses him. He loves reading crime novels and in the Manga it reveals he's into Boxing.

HeadCannons Edit

  • Nathaniel is easily Jealous.
  • Nathaniel is Yandere.
  • Has a anesthetic for Vintage things.
  • Nathaniel secretly likes and has mad respect for more independent girls.
  • Nathaniel could actually beat Castiel up if he was ever pushed too far, but he has never done so because of his strong conscience.
  • Nathaniel knows about Melody's 'little crush' on him and secretly he is extremely annoyed by her, but never confronts her about it because of his strong conscience.
  • Nathaniel secretly watches cartoons at home, just to defy his dad. He feels super rebellious when he does this.
  • Even though Nathaniel's description says he is easy to get along with, often the case seems to be the opposite.
  • Nathaniel might pursue a career in criminology, on account that he likes crime novels and as a victim of abuse, might want to help out other victims someday.
  • Nathaniel might have a taste for spicy food.
  • Nathaniel hates flying in a plane.
  • Nathaniel did have a crush on Kim at one time.
  • Nathaniel's idea of an ideal date would be to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • Nathaniel would be the type to have the most traditional wedding theme out of all the guys.
  • The fact that Nathaniel is actually good friends with people like Armin or Kim, who are very much different compared with him, proves that Nathaniel is extremely versatile.
  • Nathaniel can speak another language fluently.
  • Nathaniel looks up/researches comedians so he can use the jokes or punny/funny phrases on Candy.
  • Nathaniel likes maid uniforms and won't admit it.
  • Nathaniel will become an author and write crime novels.
  • Nathaniel would be the most likely guy to try a ballroom class.
  • Nathaniel favorite type of crime novels are the classic ones, like Agatha Christie.
  • Nathaniel shall continue to feed stray cats, even after graduation.
  • Nathaniel will volunteer at an animal shelter some day.
  • Nathaniel posts a lot of pictures of his cat on Instagram.

Candies Associated with Him Edit