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Lilith Catharina Eden is the girl, who came back from Germany. Being half french, quarter portugese and quarter indian she is quite a mix.

Around girls she is really bubbly and nice, boys are a total different matter. Bad experience made her sarcastic and bitchy. Only Nathaniel and the male persons in her family make an exception. You also shouldn't fuck with her, because she will most likely beat you up.

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Background Edit

Lilith lived in Sweet Amoris before and is a childhood friend of Nathaniel. She often bullied Amber together with him when they were young, had fights with Castiel and was a wild child, who always brought trouble to her family.

When she was 12 she had to move with her parents to Germany and learned to speak german there. During the span of 6 years she got a little bit calmer, but still troubled her parents for example with don’t going home for nights and wearing way too short clothes. 

When she was 14, she got interested in pop rock and pop punk. She started going to concerts, singing herself and even worked on getting better grades, because her parents promised to pay her a drum set and fitting lessons, if she’d improve her average grades.

When she was 16 she started to play in the band of her then-boyfriend.

Even though their personalities changed into different directions, she was able to stay in contact with Nathaniel all the time. So after she was betrayed by her ex with her best friend and left the band, she was able to convince her parents to let her move back into her old house, where her adoptive-brother and cousin had lived during her absence.

To be continued...