Freja is a candy created by ThatRedhead

About Edit

Freja is a sweet girl that always tries to be positive and nice to everyone because the world need more people like that.

Appearance Edit

Freja has long red hair and green eyes.

She likes to wear diffenrent outfits so she doesn't really have a signature look.

Personality Edit

She likes everyone and doesn't like when other people judge her before they even bothered getting to know her.

At first she apears to be an innocent little girl but once you get to know her and once you have gained her trust she is a little weird in a good way and can be a total bitch sometimes.

Relationships Edit

Castiel Edit

He is Frejas boyfriend. They love each other very much. Freja would do anything for him. She loves his confidence and his bad boy side.

Kentin Edit

Since Freja is nice to everyone she was always so sweet to Ken causing him to develop a crush on her. Sadly Freja didn't feel the same way but since Ken never directly did anything about his crush on her she just left it as it was.

Lysander Edit

Since Lysander is Castiels best friend Freja also spends a lot of time with him. She has nothing against the guy she just finds him a bit boring.

Nathaniel Edit

Freja likes talking to Nathaniel he is such a nice guy.

Armin Edit

Armin has such a funny personality which Freja loves and she enjoys joking around with him.

Dake Edit

Before Castiel and Freja became a couple Freja seriously consideres getting together with Dake. He always went after her claiming how much he wanted her. Freja found it very hot but she was a little concerned if he was just a player that said the same thing to all the girls. When she and Castiel became a couple she made it very clear to Dake that she was no longer available.

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