"Sometimes she's so carefree that people might think she's arrogant while actually she's really cute and pure. She just says what she thinks. And if she says that she loves you, then believe me, it's totally true."

- Becka to Lysander about Ella


Ella's target from the start to the end became Lysander. Even if she was confused as a middle school student, she didin't give up at all. At first even if she was interested in Lysander, it was more like a little crush and curiosity as well. As she is really easy-going, she often confessed to him to the point he will take her confessing as a greeting. When she eventually falls really in love with him, she will become a bit shy and will not confess as before. Like the say "The more you love, the less you say it.".

High SchoolEdit

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She can play violin and piano.

Her main skill is drawing.


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Ella Valentine is an OC for the My Candy Love Universe created by SoleMontrose on deviantART.

Characters, events, illustrations, etc... that are in the My Candy Love Game all belong to ChiNoMiko and Beemoov.