"Wait! I'm not finished with that!" Edit

Ashley 'Ash' Rose is a girl who finds it hard to talk to people she doesn't know well. With friends however, Ash is a kind girl who laughs easily and cares deeply for her friends.

Ash's enjoys playing Pokemon and sewing plushie versions of her favorite Pokemon.

Due to her upbringing, Ash can be very insensitive and fail to pickup social cues.

Despite this, Ash tries her very best to make friends and appear to be cool.

History Edit

Due to her family's history of moving often, Ashley was homeschooled for most of her life. Her mother would stay at home with her, with her Aunty often coming to visit. Ash's Aunty instilled a love of sewing into the young girl, teaching her how.

Ash never mastered how to sew clothing, but her skill in sewing plush toys flourished.

Her skill gained an outlet in the form of Pokemon, when her cousin showed her how to play. Ashley's room quickly filled with plush version of her favorite Pokemon.

When Ash was old enough for middle school, the girl found herself enrolled into a local middle school. Suddenly thrust into a society she didn't know how to navigate, Ash became withdrawn and fearful. This point in time would be when she met Kentin and Lucy. Ash quickly latched herself to the two, learning how to talk to other people.

However, once middle school was over, Ash learned she'd be transferring to Sweet Amoris High School. Ash was nervous to leave Kentin and Lucy, but was excited at the thought of making even more friends.

Looking at it as a chance to start fresh, Ash dyed her blonde hair pink, hoping the color would give her more confidence.