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Anika is a Nineteen year old the aged out of the foster system. She got her GED from a school other than Sweet Amoris. When Anika got the call to be a Teacher's Aide at Sweet Amoris, she had no idea River attends the school. This has raised conflicts and mixed emotions between the two, and Castiel. Anika has decided to address the situation but either talking or revenge.

Anika is a Cannon Character in River's story.

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Tan skin with lighter spots, very long ash brown hair.

Rivers ex clothed

Anika in her normal outfit.

Covered in tattoos and henna. Big grey eyes. Covered in markings. She usually wears open clothes to fight the heat. Always has her camera, phone and sunglasses.

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At first, Anika seems quite and extremely mysterious. When people look at her she simply leaves them with a coy smile and departs. The more you break into her shell, you realize Anika as a flirt. She constantly lays on her moves, whether she means to or not. Deeper down, she’s cold. She has revenge and depression issues. Only special people can find her soft spot.

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▪️ Anika is a foster child. Though unlike River, she aged out of the system without being adopted. River and Anika met in the foster system.

▪️ River and Anika dated for a year and a half until River moved in with the Abotts.

▪️ She has vitiligo.

▪️ Anika gave River a mandala tattoo on her upper back.

▪️ Despite the break-up, Anika still loves River.

▪️ Anika never attended Sweet Amoris, and just graduated early.

▪️ Anika is the person that got River into Photography. Anika has always loved photography.

▪️  She can handle her liquor extremely well, and takes forever to get drunk.

▪️ She is a flirty drunk.

▪️ Tries to break up Castiel and River by flirting with them both, separately.

▪️ Likes slow pop music.

▪️ Is a teacher’s aid at Sweet Amoris for Mr. Frazer.

▪️ Dated Lucy in the past, before River. Things ended on good terms to where they are still friends.